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Split 4 possible points among three available responses to each statement. Each point represents the degree of comfort you have with a particular option. the maximum of 4 points represents the greatest possible comfort where as a 0 represents the least possible comfort. All numbers must be whole numbers - for example a split could be 1-2-1 or 0-3-1 or 4-0-0 or any other combination totaling 4.

1. The Subject wants to know about the job. . .

A. what he/she is expected to do.

B. how he she will help his/her co-workers.

C. the company's long term goals.

2. When the Subject is extra-busy at work he/she. . .

A. is excited about the variety.

B. makes a plan to do it all.

C. likes the support of others.

3. When the Subject is confused at work he/she. . .

A. seeks details to clarify the job.

B. tries to visualize the big picture.

C. finds someone to help him/her.

4. At our busiest time, th Subject. . .

A. is enthusiastic about our potential.

B. works with others to adjust.

C. prefers to be left alone to do his/her work.

5. Changes leave the Subject feeling. . .

A. excited about something new.

B. unsure of new responsibilities.

C. ready to help.

6. When the Subject sells an idea he/she. . .

A. shows the logic in his/her idea.

B. talks about how it will work.

C. tries to express the outcome to be achieved.

7. The Subject believes that the best workers. . .

A. do value added work.

B. are those who stay cheerful.

C. get the job done right and on time.

8.Less budget for our group means the Subject. . .

A. finds ways to make do with what we have.

B. works with more caution.

C. has to create new ways of working.

9. To settle an arguement, the Subject would. . .

A. rely on the organization's values..

B. try to reach a compromise.

C. use company's complaint procedure.

10. If the Subject were to look for a new job he/she would. . .

A. like to be free to set his/her duties.

B. want it to involve teamwork.

C. like one where his/her skills are valued.

11. The Subject likes to plan. . .

A. a year ahead.

B. for the next several months.

C. for the next month.

12. Changes to the Subject's work routine. . .

A. cause him/her to ask questions.

B. energize him/her.

C. stimulate his/her thinking.

13. The Subject wants people to. . .

A. like him/her.

B. be clear about what they want from him/her.

C. give him/her problems to solve.

14. The Subject wants to be praised for. . .

A. being a person with vision.

B. how well he/she works with others.

C. the accuracy of his/her work.

15. The Subject makes a decision by. . .

A. considering the effect on people.

B. thinking about all the choices.

C. considering the facts.

16. When the Subject has a new assignment, he/she likes to know. . .

A. who he/she will be working with.

B. everything that is involved.

C. where it fits in the big picture.

17. When the Subject is under pressure, he/she. . .

A. wants a sense of what is most important.

B. uses a list to ensure everything gets done.

C. needs someone to support him/her.

18. When the Subject has extra time at work, he/she. . .

A. looks for something new to do.

B. does work ahead of schedule.

C. finds someone to help.

19. When The Subject works with someone out of the ordinary, he/she. . .

A. thinks about advantages and disadvantages.

B. tries to make him/her comfortable.

C. worries about the unexpected.

20. When there is a new task to learn, the Subject likes to. . .

A. experiment until he/she gets it right.

B. know the specific steps required.

C. have someone walk him/her through it.

21. When setting priorities the Subject considers. . .

A. deadlines.

B. his/her assigned responsibilities.

C. "gaps" that need to be filled.

22. When there is going to be a change the Subject pays attention to. . .

A. the effect on the organization.

B. how people react.

C. what is going to be different.

23. When things are uncertain, the Subject. . .

A. prefers to take risks.

B. tries to maintain stability.

C. gets as much information as possible.

24. In facing the future, the Subject acts as if. . .

A. that anything is possible.

B. there will be challenges.

C. things will be different.

25. When the Subject shares a job, he/she likes to. . .

A. influence the results.

B. stay in close contact with my co-workers.

C. be clear about who does what.

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