RGB Workshop Plan and Participant List

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Currently Under Modification

Important Notice:  Be certain that all instructions provided to potential participants in an RGB Foundational Workshop where the completion of the WorkStyle Preference Inventory will result in the production of an RGB Individual Profile and must be directed to the following address for that online Form completion (copy and paste):

www.QualityofWorkLife.com and the selection of Option B1, OR the direct use of the following address:  www.QualityofWorkLife.com/FORM_1_RGBInventory.htm .


Part I, Scheduling Information:

        A.  From: 

        B.  Reply to email (REQUIRED):

        C.  Workshop Scheduled for - DATE and TIME (from and to): 

        D.  Location: 

        E.  Distribution of RGB Inventory:  Channel Only (save submission and forward to Practitioner), Process and Deliver.

       F.  Participant List (Alphabetical by Last Name, First Name - Label on the RGB*):

        *Optional if Process and Deliver is selected above.

Part II.  Workshop in Preparation for known Progressive Design(s) or alternatives Information - Check all that apply1:

    A.  RGB Workshops:
        RGB 11 Foundational - 2-Hour Workshop; 
        RGB 12 Extended - 3-Hour Workshop with Extended/Advanced Alternatives: Yes - Key Words: , No.
        RGB 2 - The Language of RGB (The Chemistry and Language of RGB)
        RGB 3 - Classical, Cultural Capacity Organization Development;
        RGB 4 - The Politics of RGB;
        RGB 5 - The LMSF Legacy Approach
    B.  Gallery of the Recurring Cyclical "Leadership 12" Events:

        1.  Data Collection and Shift Tracking - Opinion Surveys or Multi-Source Feedback;
2.  Diversity as a Workism with ICO: Yes, No. 
3.  Organizational Learning
4.  Routine Meetings
5.  Team Development
6.  Planning  Short Range, Strategic  Retreats and 
7.  Matching Tasks with Talent - include MTT Online Inventory: Yes, No.  Managing Change  - with Transitions: Yes, No.
8.  Retreats
9.  Best Practices  Leadership, Management and Supervision Roles and
10.  Realignment
11.  Transitions
        12.  Mediation

    C.  Specialized Training for Implementation Teams:
        Team Sponsorship
        CapacityWareTM Software Applications
        Data Collection Teams

    D.  UNDER REVISION - LMSF Models (for individual study and workshop events):
        1.  CapacityWareTM Software Systemic Approach Illustration
        2.  Systemic Evaluations 
        3.  Roles Model 
        4.  Capacity versus Capability 
        5.  ProZones and Culture 
        6.  RGB Technology
        7.  Transitions
        8.  Organization Realignment
        9.  Beliefs, Rules, Evidence and Stories - BRES
        10.  Adult Learning
        11.  Planned Renegotiation 
        12.  10-Stage Data Collection Model - Change System
        13.  Banding and Smart Tailoring
        14.  Working with Culture
        15.  Basic Model with Derivatives 
        16.  Win/Lose as a Derivative  
        17.  Unifying Human Systems 
        18.  Nested Outcomes  
        19.  OMR
        20.  Truisms
        21.  ICO - Group Maturity
        22.  VAK - Patterns of Influence
        23.  Scan, Focus, Act, React or Respond  SFARR
        24.  Triage and the Situation
        25.  QWLI and the ROI
        26.  Johari Window
        27.  Situational Pulse and Leadership
        28.  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
        29.  Brain Science
        30.  Specialty Models 

1 The identification of your Agenda may trigger an available modification availablity (date provided). 

Reminder:  You may add your logo to hard copy RGB Inventory Documents but may not remove the QWLC copyright notice. 

Thank you for your submission.